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Poker Games Always Use the Same Kinds of Cards

Poker Games Always Use the Same Kinds of Cards

We plan to offer rules and reviews for the many different poker games and variants available, too. In most casinos you’ll find house-banked poker games which have at least as much in common with baccarat and blackjack as they do with traditional poker. Of course, you’ll also often find an actual cardroom where folks sit around playing Texas hold’em and Omaha. Our plan is to offer information about all such games, including the following:

Casino Poker Games

For the purposes of this page and this site, we’ve categorized the following games as “casino” poker games, because you’re playing against the house, not against the other players. This list will probably expand over time, as the casinos are constantly inventing and testing new games to see which ones are going to be popular. Some of these catch on, while others generate little interest and are soon retired.

3 Card Hold’em
3 Card Poker
3-5-7 Poker
Asia Poker
Asian Stud
Bet the Deck
Big Raise Stud Poker
Bonus Six
Boston 5
Break Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
Casino Hold’em
Crazy 4 Poker
Dealer Bluff
Deuces Wild
Double Down Stud
Double Draw Poker
Flop Poker
Flush Rush
Four Card Poker
Heads Up Hold’em
High Card Flush
High Five Poker
Hold’em Challenge
Let It Ride
Lunar Poker
Mini Tex
Mississippi Stud
Mulligan Poker
No-Flop Pineapple
No-Fold Oasis Poker
Oasis Poker
Pyramid Poker
Q Poker
Rabbit Hunter
Raise It Up
Riverboat Hold’em Poker
Six Card Poker
Tequila Poker
Texas Hold’em Bonus
Texas Shootout
Three Card Mulligan
Three Card Second Chance Poker
Three Way Action
Triple Action Hold’em
Triple Shot
Two Card Joker Poker
Ultimate Texas Hold’em
Ultimate Three Card Poker
Wan Doy Pairs Poker
Wild Hold’em Fold’em Poker
World Poker Tour 3X Raise Hold’em
World Poker Tour All in Hold’em

List of Traditional Poker Games

These poker games are played in the traditional way–around a table, competing for your opponents’ money. In casinos, you’ll usually only see the traditional varieties being played. That means your choices are often limited to Texas hold’em and Omaha. You’ll occasionally see stud games at some of the larger casinos, too. But in home games, you’ll find a tremendous variety of poker games, including the following (which we plan to write about on individual pages, too.) Of course, any list like this will invariably be incomplete because of the wide variety of home variants that are played throughout the world.

3-5-7 Guts
5 Card Stud
7 Card Stud
7 Card Stud 8 or Better
7-27 Poker
Burn the Biffel
Chicago (High or Low)
Connect Four
Crazy Pineapple
Criss Cross
Elevator Poker
Follow the Queen
Guts Poker
In Between/Post
Iron Cross
Jacks or Better
Kings and Little Ones
Monterey Poker
No Holds Barred
Omaha 8
Omaha Burn
Outhouse Poker
Position Poker
Pregnant 3’s
Roll Your Own
Russian Poker
Sevens Take All
Shifting Sands
Texas hold’em
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Three Legged Race
Two More Inches

Additions, Corrections, and Submissions

If you have ideas about additions or corrections to this list, please let us know in the comments section below.

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