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What Kind of Blackjack Games Do You Like to Play?

What Kind of Blackjack Games Do You Like to Play?

Blackjack seems like a simple enough game, but there are actually a tremendous number of variations on the basic theme of the game. Eventually we hope to include rules and reviews for all the different blackjack variants out there, but we’ll never finish, as casinos are always inventing new versions. Some of them catch on; others don’t.

We welcome your input on additions to the list of blackjack games below. If you see a 21 game at a casino that’s different from the ones on the list, please explain it in detail in the comments section below.

List of Blackjack Games and Variants

2 Face Blackjack
Australian Blackjack
Blackjack Switch
Burn 20 Blackjack
California Blackjack
Canal 21
Caribbean 21
Classic Blackjack
Double Attack Blackjack
Double Exposure
Exchange Blackjack
Extreme 21
Free Bet Blackjack
Instant 18
Lucky Blackjack
Never Bust Blackjack
No Bust 21
One Up
Panama Blackjack
Pick One 21
Player’s Choice 21
Power Blackjack
Progressive Blackjack
Siete y Media
Spanish 21
Super Fun 21
Three Card Blackjack
Three Way Action
Ties Win Blackjack
Triple Attack Blackjack
Triple Shot
Triple Up 21
Ultimate 21
War Blackjack

We’ll be updating this section constantly with additional 21 game rules and reviews. The list will probably never end.

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